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Dear colleagues, the following booklets were still edited by David Mitchell when this wonderful friend died. Since then it was not possible to finish the edition and to publish them. In them you will find many helpful ideas and exercises - but also many imperfections. Please, send me corrections whenever you find mistakes or improper 

Below you will find as downloads a couple of booklets for math in the 7th and 8th grade. The subjects are:

Booklet I - Forword, Introduction, and Economics: Would you like to start a bussiness? 

Booklet II - New Numbers and their Meaning: Negative Numbers

Booklet III - Algebraic Skills I: Fundamental Laws

Booklet IV - More about Negative Numbers

Booklet V - How to Solve Practical Problems I: Equations, Proportions

Booklet VI - How to Solve Practical Problems II: Speed, Sport, Jewelry

Booklet VII - Introduction to Higher Mathematical Operations: Power, Root, Logarithm

Booklet VIII - Addendum 1 and 2: How to Calculate the 3rd Root; The Euclidian Algorithm


Booklet I Introduction & Economics

Booklet I.pdf (462,3 KiB)

Booklet II New Numbers and their Meaning

Booklet-II_New Numbers and their Meaning.pdf (610,0 KiB)

Booklet III Algebraic Skills I

Booklet-III_ Algebraic Skills I.pdf (552,6 KiB)

Booklet VIII Addendum 1 and 2

VIII_Addendum.pdf (345,3 KiB)